In various live performance,
visual images are processed and output in real time by VJ.
Visual image is nowplaying an indispensable role to excite
the live performances. Livevision is the VJ projector which
enables space-dominating performances.
Triaxial accelerometer module and piezoelectric gyro module are mounted on
a micro computer, then it is installed to the projector.
Now the projector is connected to a processing PC,constantly sending data from modules.
At the processing PC, programmed pseudo 3D-space will match the projector and output image.
Pseudo camera and still/moving images are set in the 3D-space.The pseudo camera is controlled
by data from the micro computer which is installed to the projector, and it outputs shot images
to the projector.As a results, projected image is linked to a motion of projector,
making it possible to project image which seems likes a large picture is being spotlighting.
By this method, I achieved to make a VJ projector producing space-dominating live performance